The Town of Dennis was originally part of Yarmouth, which was settled in 1639. Four of the families settled in the east part of Yarmouth, which later became Dennis. These families went to Yarmouth Port each Sunday to church, an all day trek. In 1723 a church was built in the north section, now called East Dennis, which was a slight improvement over the greater distance.

In 1793 the east part of Yarmouth broke away and became The Town of Dennis, named after the pastor Rev. Josiah Dennis. Then in 1795 a church was built in South Dennis on the very location of the current church building. From 1795 to 1817, the South Dennis people shared the ministers (Rev. Nathaniel Stone and later Rev. Joseph Haven) with North Dennis and Harwich. The church had a minister every 3rd Sunday and the other Sunday’s were covered by lay preachers from the Board of Deacons.

In 1817 the South Dennis church was officially organized with 29 members, most of whom transferred from the North Church. The first full time minister was Rev. John Sanford. The only description we have of the first meeting house is: They have an elegant Meeting House with a Steeple. But we do know the building contained 48 pews on the floor and 20 above in the galleries which were on three sides.

In 1835 with the population of the village of South Dennis increasing and the old meeting house not considered adaptable to enlargement, it was decided to tear it down and build a new one. It was completed in November and dedicated in December of the same year. The pews from the old building were salvaged and are still in use today.

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